Low Lead 1Z-8C Barrel For T&S

95525 MFG #: 17003E
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Constructed of Durable Brass; Barrel Stem Only; Complies with the Reduction of Low Lead in Drinking Water Act
Faucet Barrel; MROSCS Leaf Class Name Faucet Barrel; Type Cold, Left Handle; Material Brass; Used On Item Kitchen/Bathroom Sink Faucet; Used On Model/Brand B-121, B-122, B-123, B-124, B-280 to B-282, B-320, B-200 to B-202, B-250 to B-252, B-301, B-205 to B-208, B-255 to B-257, B-306, B-590, B-591, B-275 to B-277, B-305, B-230 to B-233, B-234EE, B-265 to B-267, B-311, B-850, B-851, B-855, B-856, B-860, B-861, B-865-4, B-865-4L, B-866-4, B-866-4L, B-868-4, B-882, B-883, B-885 Series, T and S Brass; Size 1.54" Length x 0.91" Width