47" A Type V-Belt

81212 MFG #: A45
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V-Belt Drives Provide Many Maintenance Advantages that Help in Your Daily Struggle to Reduce Equipment Repairs and to Hold Forced Downtime to the Lowest Possible Level; They are Rugged They will Give Year of Trouble-Free Performance when Given Just Reasonable Attention Even Under Adverse Conditions; They are CleanøRequire No Lubrication; They are Efficient Performing with an Average of 94-98 Percent Efficiency; They are Smooth Starting and Running; They Cover Extremely Wide Horsepower Ranges; They Permit a Wide Range of Driven Speeds, Using Standard Electric Motors; They Dampen Vibration Between Driving and Driven Machines; They are Quiet; They Act as a Mechanical Fuse in the Power Drive Because They Refuse to Transmit a Severe Overload of Power, Except for a Very Brief Time; Wrapped Construction-Provides Smooth Quiet Operation Single Fabric Design Allows Greater Flexibility Wrapped Belts are More Tolerant to Slipping and Misalignment than Raw Edge Belts; Close Belt Tolerance-Browning Belts Offer the Code 1 Match Belt System on All Classical and 358 Belts, Allowing Easy Selection of Just One Match Number for Each Belt Size this Ensures Tighter than RMA Standards; High Tensile Cord-Specially Treated Cords to Provide Strength and Additional Flex Life While Providing Resistance to Elongation for the Belt
V-Belt; Type A; Outside Circumference 47.2"; Inside Length 45"; Top Width 0.5"; Thickness 0.31"; Application HVAC Equipment; Pitch Length 46.3"; Packaging Quantity 1 per Pack