Penetrating Solvent, Reddish

77548 MFG #: CRC-1KB
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An Industrial Strength, Low Viscosity Lubricant and Penetrant Designed to Quickly Loosen and Free Seized, Bound or Frozen Fasteners; Lubricating Residue Prevents Corrosion; Specially Formulated to Dissolve Rust, Varnish, Gum and Corrosion; Loosens Rusted and Corroded Nuts, Bolts and Frozen Components; Outperforms the Competition; Lubricating Residue Prevents Corrosion; It Quickly Dissolves Rust, Scale, Gum, Grease and Corrosion with a Formula that Creeps into Cracks, Seams, Threads and Joints Better than the Competition
Penetrating Solvent; Container Type Aerosol; Container Size 13 Oz; Color Reddish; Physical State Liquid; Odor Pleasant Pine; VOC 363.7 Gallon/Liter; Packaging Quantity 12 per Case