Electric Soldering Gun, Carbon

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Electric Resistance Heating Technology to Melt Solder on Copper Joints up to 1 1/2"; Flameless Soldering Easy to Use; Flameless Soldering in a Compact, Inexpensive Package; With No Flame, there is No Fear of Igniting Wallboard, Insulation, Studs and Joists; Simply Place the Carbon Tips on the Fitting to Begin Heating the Joint and it Can be Completed in Less than 20 Seconds; The Heat Generated Through the Carbon Tips will Melt All Types of Soldering Material; it's Compact Design Makes it Ideal for Reaching Tight Spots During Repair and Renovation Projects and is Extremely Portable; The Tool is Designed with the Service Plumber in Mind; Specially Designed for Repair and Renovation Jobs; Full Lifetime Warranty
Electric Soldering Gun; Voltage Rating 115 Volt; Operating Temperature 750 Deg F; Size 6 Ft (Cable); Tip Material Carbon; Weight 21 Lb; Application Electric Resistance Heating Technology; Approval UL, CSA; Designed for Soft Soldering 1/4 to 1-1/2" Copper Tube; Includes Built-In Handle and Cord Grip; Warranty Full Lifetime