4 X 1/2" Fusiolen Polypropylene Sockolet Outlet

36563 MFG #: 0115190
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Leak-Free Connection; Resistant to Hard Water and Aggressive Chemicals; Does not Leach, Corrode or Erode; Environmentally Friendly Material Natural Sound and Heat Insulation; Natural Sound and Heat Insulation Excellent Flow Rate; Potable Water NSF 61 and Food Rated NSF 51; Fast and Easy Assembly; Suitable for Direct-Buried and Trenchless Application; Flame, Smoke and Fume-Free Installation; Dampens Water Hammer and Vibration and Decreases Noise; Polypropylene is a Thermoplastic Polymer that is Made up of Chains of Carbon and Hydrogen; Polypropylene-Random (PP-R) is a Blend of Long and Short Hydrocarbon Chains, Resulting in a Material that is Both Tough and Flexible; This Allows it to Resist Physical Impact and Stress; As a Hydrophobic Material PP-R Does Not Interact with Water; It Does not Corrode or Erode and will not Leach into the Water Supply; PP-R has Natural Insulation Properties that Allow it to Absorb the Force from Pressure Surges and Dampen the Noise Created by Water Flow and Hydraulic Shock; Optimized Melt Index for Better Fusion Connections; Opaque Coloring Prevents Microbiological Buildup; Non-Leaching; Natural Insulation Properties; Non-Corroding; Heat Stabilized; 10 Year Warranty
Outlet Fitting; Type Sockolet; Minimum Run Pipe Size 4"; Maximum Run Pipe Size 4"; Outlet Size 1/2"; Height 1.08"; End Connection Socket Fusion x Socket Fusion; Schedule SDR 7.4; Material Fusiolen Polypropylene; Material Specification ASTM F2389; Finish Green; Application Potable Water and Food Grade, Compressed Air System, Marine, Direct-Buried, Multi-Purpose Fire Sprinkler; Applicable Standard NSF 14/51/61, CSA B137.11, ICC AC 122, ICC ESR 1613, CFIA A508, ICC PMG 1014, IAPMO; Warranty 10 Year