4" Clean Seal Pipe Plug, Natural Rubber

36173 MFG #: 271721
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Designed for Stack Testing of Drain, Waste and Vent Plumbing Systems, Clean Seal Plugs Thread into a Standard Test Tee; The Bladder is Inflated and then Water is Introduced into the Pipe; Upon Test Completion, Deflate the Bladder; Water Travels Down the Pipe, Eliminating test Water Backsplash; Plug Design Keep Work Area and Plumber Dry No Backsplash
Pipe Plug; Item Clean Seal Plug; Type Inflatable; Plug/Ball Diameter 4"; Plug/Ball Length 8.5" Deflated; Material Natural Rubber; Operation Type Pneumatic; Inflation Valve Type Removable Snifter Valve; Inflation Valve Connection 1/4" Threaded; Inflation Pressure 35 PSI; Allowable Test/Back Pressure 13 PSI; Allowable Pressure Head 30'; Inclusions/Features Plastic and Cast Iron Test Tee, Leak-Free Seal, High Impact ABS Thread; Application Drain, Waste, and Vent Plumbing System; Deflated Diameter 4.5"; Packaging Quantity 6 per Carton