Tankless Water Heater, Electric - Residential, 47782 BTU

31960 MFG #: RA-14
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High Efficiency Compact Design Provides Unlimited Hot Water-Residential Models Provide Unlimited Hot Water While Operating Within their Designed Gallons per Minute Range, Immediately Heating Water When a Hot Water Outlet is Opened; Seisco Models Install Inside Closets or on Almost any Wall; Water is Only Heated on Demand, Virtually Eliminating Standby Heat Loss and Providing Over 99 Percent Efficiency; Patented Power Distribution Control Technology Utilizes Computer Algorithms and Electronic Triacs with Patented Cooling Technology to Pulse Power on and Off to All Heating Element; 10 Year Limited (Chamber and Parts) Warranty
Tankless Water Heater; Type Residential; Inlet/Outlet Connection 3/4" Male Threaded x 3/4" Male Threaded; Venting Type Continuous; Number of Elements 2; Power Rating of Elements 7 Kilowatt; Electrical Input Supply Rating 240 Volt 58.3 Amp; Gas Input Supply Rating 47782 BTU/HR; Tank Dimensions 10-1/4" Width x 6-1/4" Depth x 15-3/4" Height; GPH Recovery 88.2 GPH at 65 Deg F, 95.6 GPH at 60 Deg F, 104.3 GPH at 55 Deg F, 114.7 GPH at 50 Deg F, 127.5 GPH at 45 Deg F, 143.4 GPH at 40 Deg F, 163.9 GPH at 35 Deg F, 191.2 GPH at 30 Deg F, 229.4 GPH at 25 Deg F, 286.8 GPH at 20 Deg F, 382.4 GPH at 15 Deg F; Efficiency Rating Standby Loss; Options Demand Side Management Utility Connection, 1 to 60 Amp/2 to 60 Amp/2 to 75 Amp Breaker, 10 AWG Copper Wire; Inclusions/Features Service Button, LED Light, Speaker, Cleanout Plate, Heavy Gauge Steel Mounting Panel, 3/4" Electrical Conduit Connection, Built-In Leak Detector and Alarm; Applicable Standard NSF, HUD, ISRAEL, NOM, NEC, UL/CUL 499, CSA; Warranty 10 Year Limited (Chamber and Parts)