1/2 Gallon Liquid Drain Opener

250759 MFG #: 963-HTL-FE64
$26.77 / ea
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Flow Easy is a Professional Strength Liquid Drain Opener Manufactured By Hi-Tec Laboratories; Flow Easy is Extremely Fast and Effective at Safely Dissolving Clogs in Drains, Sinks and Toilets; Flow Easy Can be Poured into Standing Water and will Not Harm Metal, PVC Pipe or Septic Tanks; Pour Flow Easy Directly into the Standing Water or Drain; When Using Flow Easy in a Toilet, Put 2 Oz in First to Pre-Heat the Toilet, Wait a Few Minutes then Add No More Than an Additional 18 Oz of Flow Easy; Allow Product to Stand in Drains and Toilets for 15 Minutes then Flush for 5 Minutes with Cold Water; Always Wear Rubber Gloves and Eye Protection While Using Flow Easy Drain Opener; Material Safety Data Sheets Are Available in the Technical Documents Section on Our Tomahawk Website
Drain Opener; Cleaner Type Liquid; Container Capacity 1/2 Gallon; Composition Sulfuric Acid; Flash Point 210 Deg F; Application Drain, Sink, Toilet