120/240 VAC Furnace Control Board - 5 A 120 VAC Igniter, 4 A 120 VAC Inducer Blower, 1 A 24 VAC Gas Valve, 10 A 2 HP 240 VAC Cool Blower

106204 MFG #: ICM2805A
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Controls Gas Valve, Inducer Draft Motor, Circulating Blower and Hot Surface Igniter; Monitors Timing, Trial for Ignition, Flame Sensing, Lockout, Plus Pressure, Rollout and Limit Switches; Microprocessor Based Precision; Twinning Compatible with Another ICM2805A Furnace Control; Diagnostic LEDs to Aid in Testing and Troubleshooting
Furnace Control Board; Type Control Board; Used On G3/G4/G5/G6/M2/M3 Furnace Module; Applicable Standard UL (Canada and US); Voltage Rating 120/240 Volt AC at 60 Hertz; Current Rating 5 Amp at 120 Volt AC (Igniter), 10 Amp at 240 Volt AC (Cool Blower), 5 Amp at 250 Volt AC (Heat Blower), 4 Amp at 120 Volt AC (Inducer Blower), 1 Amp at 24 Volt AC (Gas Valve), 0.5 Amp at 24 Volt AC (Humidifier), 1 Amp at 120 Volt AC (Electronic Air Cleaner); Power Rating 1/2 HP (Heat Blower); Size 4.5" Length x 6" Width x 1.5" Height