1/2" Soldered Forged Brass Refrigerant Line Sight Glass

102291 MFG #: DPSG-4S
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Sight Glass and Moisture Indicator Provides a Quick Visual Diagnosis of Refrigerant and Moisture Level Within a System; The Sight Glass Indicates if the System has the Proper Refrigerant Level a Restricted Dryer or Excessive Pressure Drop; The Moisture Indicator Recognizes Moisture Within the System; Provides Early Warning that a Potential Failure Exit Resulting in Corrosion, Chemical Damage, Restricted Flow or Even Compressor Failure; Etch-Resistant Glass with a Simple Color Comparison Provides Easy Viewing and Quick Diagnostics; Flare Models Feature Forged Brass Body and Fittings for Corrosion Resistance; Sweat Models Feature Copper Fittings to Permit Solder Installation Without Disassembly; Leak-Proof Design is Compact and Short in Length to Easily Fit Within a Unit and Provide Accuracy in Performance
Refrigerant Line Sight Glass; Item Sight Glass; Size 1/2" Soldered x 1/2" Soldered; Material Forged Brass; Used On Item Refrigerant; Packaging Quantity 1 per Pack