Lubricant, Red

100281 MFG #: 61105
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Super Penetrating Lubricant; Loosens Rusted and Frozen Metal Parts; Frees Stuck Fan Blades, Blower Shafts, Pulleys, Rusted Nuts and Bolts; Saves Time and Labor; Lubricates and Protects Metals; Quickly Dissolves the Bonds of Rust, Corrosion Carbon Deposits, Gums, Varnishes and Grease to Free the Metal Parts; Penetrate HD Displaces Water and Leaves a Lubricating Film to Protect Metal Parts and Further Prevent Rust and Corrosion; Unique Formula Uses Capillary Action to Penetrate into the Smallest Spaces
Lubricant; Flash Point 100 Deg F; Viscosity 10 CST at 104 Deg F; Container Type Can; Container Size 12 Oz; Color Red; Application Industrial and Professional Use; Physical State Liquid; Boiling Point 340 to 401 Deg F; Relative Density 0.864; Dielectric Strength 40000 Volt